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 Navigate Best Practice Seminars

January/February 2021 

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Thanks again for joining our best practice seminar. We hope it gave you fresh ideas on how to best use Navigate during the remote learning period. As promised, please find the recordings and slides for our previous sessions below. 

Book on to future best practice seminar sessions


We encourage you to join as many seminars as possible as each session will include new ideas and inspiration

Book on to our open training sessions

We encourage you to book on to our training sessions. These are free 30 minute sessions that will teach you how to use each part of the Navigate staff and student site.

Download the best practice seminar slides


You can find the slides shown in the seminar here. Click to download a copy.

Please find instructional videos below relevant to our discussion

Please comment below sharing your ideas, best practices, and challenges for discussion amongst the community.

Let's share some ideas...

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