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Navigate Employer Relationship Management Platform


Our software is trusted by colleges across the country to track and manage the work placement, enrichment, and employer engagement activities of over 200,000 learners.


Recently, colleges have asked us to solve a big challenge for them. How to effectively track their cross-college employer relationships and ensure a single, consistent approach to the management of them. 


So now we are proud to launch the Navigate Employer Relationship Management platform.     

Using CRM technology trusted by some of the largest educational organisations in the world, including Oxford University Press, WWF, and BBC Learning, Navigate ERM is an out-of-the-box and configurable platform that helps colleges to deliver more effective employer engagement strategies.  

Navigate ERM provides a complete Single-Employer View that ensures college teams can work collaboratively and helps to drive KPI’s across Apprenticeships, Training and Work / Industry Placement teams.    

The problems we have set out to solve

Time and again, college staff tell us that despite having invested money in various CRM packages, their employer recruitment and relationship management processes live in spreadsheets and are wholly inefficient.   

Do these problems sound familiar? 

  • Multiple departments speaking to the same employer without the wider relationship.

  • Repeating compliance processes because there is no accessible and centralised record of activity. 

  • Planning which employers to target based on sheer guesswork. 

  • Old and incorrect data making marketing impossible. 

  • No pipeline tracking or KPI reporting – and no chance of forecasting what’s to come!  

All the above leads to unsatisfactory results. 

We recognise that colleges need a simple platform that records all employer touch points, empowers your teams to act more strategically, and provides the data and reporting outputs to improve performance. It’s as simple as that! 


Why should you use Navigate ERM?

By implementing Navigate ERM, you can expect to benefit from: 

  • Increased efficiency across your teams 

  • Higher data integrity and accuracy 

  • Delivering targeted and impactful marketing campaigns 

  • Analysing marketing promotion performance 

  • Enhanced visibility across KPIs 

  • Developing deeper relationships with employers 

  • Making data-driven decisions to guide strategy 

  • Enhanced analytical capabilities 

  • Reduction of guesswork and assumptions 

  • Removing double-handling of work 

  • Never missing an opportunity again 

  • Minimal data management overhead 

Single Employer View: Every single touch point

The most important feature of any relationship management platform is a 360-degree single employer view. That means every interaction with an employer is visible on a single screen. Every function hangs off this framework. The Navigate ERM solution includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Every relationship management touchpoint, including growth opportunities 

  • Employer compliance (i.e. Insurances, Health & Safety) 

  • Active and historic apprenticeships, WEXP and SIP 

  • Employer data and attributes, including location, size, customer satisfaction and more 

  • Library of contacts 

  • Marketing interactions 

  • Customer orders and transactions 

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Relationship Management Tools

Navigate ERM helps you deepen every relationship by providing the tools and data to have informed, timely and more insightful conversations. That includes: 

  • Management of all employer-facing activities and opportunities 

  • Recording all communications including via email and telephone 

  • Recording all onsite visits, appointments and events 

  • Appending contracts and important documentation

  • Completing account management process 



A dashboard displaying number of orders and revenue per month, alongside the average order value. Additional panels show a breakdown of sales figures by product and person.


A dashboard showing the pipeline of users and teams. This report will be used to forecast opportunities, showing the status of your pipeline by product, stage, user and ‘due’ date.

Integrating with third-party systems

We provide a complete data cleansing and management service to maintain data integrity and enable you to make data-driven decisions. Navigate ERM has an API that enables it to connect to third party systems, which includes: 

  • 100% integration with your Navigate solution 

  • Digital marketing platforms 

  • MIS data, for example aggregated student data that will guide employer recruitment strategy 

  • Your website, for example using forms to collect enquiries that instantly appear in your CRM 

  • Communication systems like Outlook 

  • An in-built data management service to eliminate record duplication issues 


Navigate ERM contains set of out-of-the-box reports enable you to analyse performance, generate insights, and to plan more effectively, including:

  • Pipeline & forecasting reporting

  • Sales reporting

  • Apprenticeship, WEXP / SIP and training KPR reporting

  • User activity reporting 


A single employer view. This screen shows headline information about the employer. Including their name, address, sector, engagement status, happiness, and summarised KPIs covering apprenticeships, training and work experience placement. The tabs along the middle show in detail everything we know about our relationship with this employer.

Marketing & Segmentation

A built-in sophisticated data mining tool enables marketers to segment data and deliver targeted multi-channel campaigns. 

  • Create marketing segments to target using your data 

  • Engage lapsing or lapsed employer with re-engagement messaging 

  • Track and measure your marketing promotions performance 

  • Automated marketing campaigns using digital marketing platform integration 

Other Features

  • Custom configuration options to reflect your requirements and processes 

  • User see a set of 360-alerts that proactively flag up active conversations and issues with employers 

  • Create events and manage attendees 

  • Lead and activity automation processes, for example automated quarterly reviews

  • Data-driven insights, for example identifying engaged employers at risk of 'lapsing'

  • In-built GDPR processes

  • Data validation and accuracy tools

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